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We help create great leaders and teams.

Our purpose is simple: empower people to make lasting positive changes in themselves, their teams and their organisations.

We do this by providing practical and tested methods to build trust, increase capability and enhance leadership skills.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” — Ryunosuke Satoro

Executive Coaching

One on one coaching unlocks potential, provides a space for the client to think differently and to enhance their leadership impact.

We offer three coaching packages to accelerate the development of your leaders and help them achieve breakthroughs. In our coaching, we take a “breakthrough” focused approach.

We start with helping you clarify the breakthrough that you are after, and then work with you to uncover what is standing in the way of your personal improvement goal.

With increased clarity of what inside you needs changing to achieve your breakthrough, we use a range of tools and practices to help you make and sustain the desired behaviour change.

Individual coaching is an integral component of our team development programs.

Team Development

Only 20% of teams are high performing and over 40% are poor performing. The value of a high performing team has long been recognised. 90% of investors think the quality of the leadership team is the single most important non financial factor when evaluating an IPO.

As Leadership teams is a primary contributor to business performance, developing teams to achieve their full power clearly deserves investment.

We can help you align teams to their strategic direction, increase collaboration, reduce silos, deepen trust, and improve team dialogue.

Our approach to developing teams consist of 3 elements: ASSESS, BUILD, COACH.

These elements can be delivered as stand alone services or be integrated to create sustainable high performing teams.

Leadership Development

80% of leaders are “in over their heads” where the complexity of the challenge outmatches their ability to solve these challenges.

Developing leaders who can navigate this complexity deserves to be your strategic priority.


Traditional leadership programs focus primarily on developing competencies, also known as Horizontal Development. This approach neglects mindset that drives performance. We focus on developing skills and the complexity of mind; helping leaders to shift mindset, ‘see’ differently and lead more effectively. This is called Vertical Development, the cutting edge of executive development.

Why choose us?

Our Purpose is to help leaders consciously evolve and make a positive impact on the people they serve, their organisations and communities. We believe that individual, collective and organisational performance is possible when people do the work of personal transformation.

We are fun-loving, alive and energetic. We are awake and continuously developing. We are deeply committed to supporting adult development with compassionate hearts and skilled hands.

Sustainable Change
Sustainable Change

Our programs are excellent, engaging and practical. About 98% of participants would recommend them to a colleague.

We also know that to have a real impact, we need our clients doing things differently when they leave the session.

We use a range of tactics and processes to drive engagement and sustainment both during and post the session.

We draw on scientific methodologies and tools and seek to embed the highest quality in everything we do.

We strike to make a meaningful and lasting impact.

Scientific Approach
Scientific Approach

Our practice is informed by scientific research and proven processes that help people make personal changes behaviours.

We draw on tested and applied theories and frameworks from psychology, adult development, organisation development, psychotherapy, leadership and group dynamics.

We use highly reliable and valid assessments to give you a clear picture of your current reality and where you need to put your efforts to increase effectiveness

We keep up to date with the latest research and at the forefront of new methodologies.

Breakthrough Results
Breakthrough Results

Imagine achieving a personal breakthrough in your own mindset and behaviour that helps you significantly improve the way you lead and live your life.

Imagine a team breaking away from predictable patterns of dysfunctional behaviour to effective ways of being, working and relating together, and ultimately team performance is raised to a whole new level.

That is our promise to you. We are not interested in minor changes and ticking the box. We go for breakthrough. We go for great.

And we help develop leadership and team capability to produce those results.

Authentic Relationships
Authentic Relationships

We believe in relating to others by modelling integrity and walking one’s own talk.

We are candid and transparent and hold you and ourselves accountable on the commitments we make though ongoing feedback and support.

We directly address the issues that get in the way of performance and we stay open and honest to what is happening in real time.

We are not driven to act based on what others might think or collude for fear of rejection.

Our clients

Meet Pauline

Dr Pauline Lee, founder of Léargas Pty Ltd, is an Organisational Psychologist, Executive Coach and is a practicing Team Coach. She specialises in executive coaching and in developing senior leadership teams.

She is an exceptionally skilled coach with with over 3,000 hours of individual coaching experience at the Executive Level. Pauline brings a warm manner that comes with a sharp intellect and desire to ‘hold the mirror’ up for clients. She helps clients gain a deeper understanding of what is driving their behaviours and provides practical tools to help them achieve personal change.

She also works with Executive teams to foster the conditions for high performance. She has been described as ‘being able to quickly create psychological safety in the team and help the team have the conversations that matter’.

She has developed deep industry expertise in the Australian Federal Government sector, consulting to several of the big Departments like Defence, Health, Finance, Prime Minister and Cabinet, and Home Affairs. She has advised the US and Australian Intelligence Agencies on culture change, leadership and team development.

When she is not travelling Australia working with leaders, she can be found enjoying her home retreat in beautiful Warrandyte with her husband James and her two daughters, Erin and Aisling. She enjoys travelling, keeping fit and a merry singsong.


  • Doctorate of Organisational Psychology (University of Melbourne)
  • Masters of Social and Organisational Psychology (University College Dublin)
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Queen’s University Belfast)


  • Accredited Coach, Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (Level 3)
  • Immunity to Change Coach
  • The Leadership Circle Suite of Assessments
  • Daniel Goleman’s Emotional and Social Competency Inventory
  • Herman Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)
  • Alchemy of Team Coaching Module 2 (Clutterbuck)
  • Systemic Team Coaching Module 1 (Hawkins)
  • Prosci Change Management

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